2,000,000 people are praying today. Together, we are saying: Satan, you can't have my country. You can't have my world.

Our world is under siege by an evil enemy. The spirit of Antichrist active today is rabidly anti-Semitic and anti-Christian. The last century saw the greatest Christian persecution in history. You could wake up any day in total shock, your world upside down. Governments scramble to stop terrorists, but no government can deter an attack by Satan.

Every time the world has seen a glimpse of Jesus from one of the great revivalists, people have repented and evil decreased. Imagine what will happen if the world can see the life of Jesus in two million praying Christians! Satan fears the prayers of Christians. The future of our world hangs in the balance between our actions and our apathy.

What does the future hold for the United States of America?

Satan, You Can’t Have My Country!

By Dr. Mike Evans

Are we headed toward a Great Awakening…or a rude awakening? Will God’s people get serious about standing in the gap for America, or we they continue to slumber while our nation rushes headlong toward disaster?

This powerful book examines the history of our nation and our godly heritage, how it was lost, and how we can regain it before it is too late. The promises of God are still in full effect, and if His people repent, humble ourselves, and seek His face, He will hear and answer our prayers. Each chapter includes sections for further study.

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People ask me, “What good does prayer do?”

Dr Mike Evans

Dr. Mike Evans, author & journalist

Popular thought carries a pernicious lie: evil really doesn’t exist, people are basically good, and it is better just to talk with people, rather than take action.

But God yearns for someone to agree with Him, pray His promises into reality, and carry out His plan on Earth. Until we live with greater conviction than jihadists die with, our generation will experience nothing of the power that God has freely given us.

Imagine millions of Christians calling on God. Christians can become a purpose-driven body of believers, determined to be salt and light to a dark and hopeless world. I’m inviting you to be one of those who inflicts the mortal wound against Satan to bring the nation you love under God’s protection once again.

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